Mayor's "Making a Difference" Reception - March 13, 2014

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On March 13th, 2014, two organizations, Women Influencing Louisville and Women 4 Women, along with the Mayor’s office, hosted a reception at the Louisville’s Metro Hall connecting a large number of women’s groups throughout Louisville. The goal was to join the women groups of Louisville together to create an awareness of one another and better understand key initiatives for each group. It was a great time for women with the common cause of women in the city to network and exchange ideas.

The attendees included the women leaders, officers, and board members that focus on contributing to the advancement of women throughout Louisville, including Mayor’s employees and University of Louisville.

The evening began with some refreshments and appetizers until the Metro Hall was full of energy from the women leaders. Sadiqa Reynolds, the Chief Community Builder, made an introductory speech welcoming all the women and introduced many of the women in Mayor Fischer’s cabinet. The sponsors of the event, Leigh Pittman from Women Influencing Louisville and Tawana Edwards from Women4Women provided a few comments to open the event by encouraging organizations to connect, get to know one another and explore ways to benefit from one another in the future. A speaker from each organization then proceeded to the podium to introduce themselves and their organization.

The night had a great attendance with over 120 attendees representing 28 organizations ranging from Junior League to the Business and Professional Women of River City. The general consensus in the room was amazement that so many groups existed to support women in our city, and this night was the first time they were able to meet and connect on the same issues. Another realization was that some organizations could connect to render a bigger result overall as business cards were passed among the attendees.

Linda Thomas, vice president of National Council of Negro Women, said “The energy was high and the number of women present gives witness to the many concerns and issues that are occupying our minds and compelling actions in every part of the city and surrounding region. I sensed a need to discuss, and collaborate on various issues concerning women and families – from education to real estate; from violence against women and children to laws that protect them. We need each other to make progressive change in our city and our state. I have the hope that new partnerships will be formed and that this can become an annual gathering to look forward to.”

Chrissy Evans, president of Junior League of Louisville said “It was wonderful to network with so many women and learn more about women's organizations I was already aware of as well as hear about organizations I was not aware of yet. I already plan to check out a new organization to see about getting more involved with them.”

Jan Brown-Thompson, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Pi Lambda Omega Chapter, said “The evening was a great networking event for women in Louisville. The event was very informative as women leaders shared about the work of their organization and the people they serve. I enjoyed personally meeting other women leaders who were passionate about the work that they do toward impacting the growth and well-being of this community and its residents.”

The Mayor’s office was instrumental in coordinating this event with the sponsoring organizations. According to Sadiqa Reynolds, this event reinforces the goals of Mayor Fischer on improving education, community wellness, and employment opportunities….making Louisville a better place to work and live.

Women Influencing Louisville is a non-profit entity that combines women leadership from eight leading employers in the area to include: Brown-Forman, EY, /Frost Brown Todd, GE, Humana, UPS, US Bank and YUM Brands focused on the development and advancement of women.


Women 4 Women is led by women who believe that a core strength of our society rests on the contributions of women. Women 4 Women envisions our community as one of the best places for girls, women and their families to live and work.

2013 WIL Conference - October 11, 2013

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On Thursday, October 11th, over 150 professional women in Louisville, representing some of the most notable companies in the community, gathered for an afternoon of professional development, networking, and fun.  Sponsored by Women Influencing Louisville (WIL) and EY, the event consisted of a networking lunch, a powerful key note speaker, and an opportunity for attendees to pick three individual development sessions led by notable women within their respective organizations.

Just entering the event was a treat for many that had never heard of a little known gem called “The Woman’s Club of Louisville” located at 1320 South Fourth Street, just across the street from St. James Court.  The nostalgia of the building took participants back to when the club was established in 1890.   It was a wonderful reminder of all the important things women have done to raise the bar in Louisville, but also to understand how much more work there is to do.

After a welcoming lunch, attendees had the pleasure to hear from Pam Joseph, Vice Chairman at USBank.  Pam shared her personal journey and her role in developing women at USBank bringing both her work life and personal passion for community service together to form a network of women that will be the next generation of leaders at the bank.

Here are some of the comments left by attendees on Pam speech:

“Excellent Session Pam Joseph was down to earth and easy to identify with”; “I want to work for her!”; “Very inspirational!”; “Tell Pam she is admired.”

After Pam the opportunity to learn and develop just continued.  Participants were able to select three more session to attend including:

·         Maintaining Your Authenticity While Climbing the Corporate Ladder, Cathy Tang, Chief Legal Officer, YUM

·         New Leadership for the Multi-Generational Workforce,  Kim Felix, Sr. Director in the Information Services Transportation Technology Group, UPS

·         Executive Presence, Lillian Hunt, Global HR leader, GE Finance & Legal

·         Effective networking, Kelley Bright, Business Development Leader, EY

·         How your personal identity shapes your future, Carleen Haas, Chief Talent Officer,  Humana

·         10 Tips for Strategic Thinking, Jennifer Simmonds, Manager of Portfolio Strategy and Analysis,  Brown-Forman

·         Negotiating salaries, Amy Letke, CEO Integrity HR, Sponsored by Frost, Brown & Todd

The evening ended with hors d'oeuvres and beverages and a chance for the attendees to network with each other.  Of course, there were goody bags for everyone and door prizes worth staying until the end.  Thanks to each organization that encouraged their women to attend, sponsored amazing speakers, found volunteers, and donated goody bag items and door prizes. Special thanks to EY for leading the organization of this first major event for WIL and sponsoring lunch.

Women Influencing Louisville is a Louisville-based group of companies that focus on issues that are important to women that further support women’s diversity. This group also includes external engagements with companies that have common diversity interests that want to leverage the power of local alliances.  Current corporate members include:  Brown-Forman, EY, Frost Brown & Todd LLC, GE Home & Business Solutions, Humana, UPS, US Bank, and YUM! Brands.


A Letter From Our President...

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Dear Women Influencing Louisville Members and Associates:

I am so pleased to announce Women Influencing Louisville’s announcement in the Today’s Woman September edition and website.  Women Influencing Louisville was started a couple of years ago with an exchange of best practices between women diversity organizations with leading corporate companies. We have grown as a partnership to be of greater value to our companies with sharing our knowledge and extended programming with our combined companies.

Our partnership with Today’s Woman and our sponsorship one of the noted women’s events in our community, Today’s Most Admired, truly aligns with our mission and vision of promoting women throughout our community.  This event of celebration and acknowledgement of our women leaders supports one of our goals of making Louisville a better place for women to work and live by focusing on achievement.

I hope you take the time to take a look at who we are and go to the website where each company logo, when highlighted, provides a short article on how each individual company focuses on women’s development and leadership.

Again, thank you for your support and we look forward to another great year as we continue with our mission of helping women to reach their potential.

 Warmest Regards,

Leigh Pittman

Women Influencing Louisville, President

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WIL Hosts Nationally Known Speaker Phoebe Wood--August 27, 2013

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Nearly 70 attendees from WIL sponsoring companies were in attendance for a casual evening of networking and development. Attendees got the unique opportunity to hear corporate leader Phoebe Wood share stories from her executive experiences as a woman in corporate America. Phoebe took listeners through her professional journey in the oil and gas industry where she worked for over 20 years, as well as detailing her key learnings as former Brown-Forman CFO, and in her current role as owner of Companies Wood where she invests in start-up companies.

Although captivating and at times quite comedic, Phoebe's stories carried several key themes that hit close to home for many of the listeners. Most importantly, Phoebe's advice was to be confident, and not to be afraid to jump in to seize the moment. Another insight from her own experience was to take risks, to look for the white space in your career or even your life and fill it in with an opportunity.

At the end of the night Phoebe was asked an interesting question, "After all you've accomplish in your career and all your experiences, what still makes you excited?". According to Phoebe it's simple, seeing others succeed.

Today's Woman Most Admired Women event--June 27th, 2013

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For the third consecutive year, Women Influencing Louisville is proud to have sponsored the Today’s Woman Most Admired event honoring each of the twelve 2013 women leaders in the community representing all the areas that make Louisville a better place for women. These range from health/wellness, non-profit leaders, independent women owners, corporate leaders, etc. The annual campaign is a clear reflection of the WIL mission as it supports women leaders in the community and is the epitome of women reaching their potential in their chosen fields. Congratulations to all those winners!!

WIL sponsors Louisville area McKenzie Study event, "Women in Leadership".

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Women Influencing Louisville was delighted to sponsor a McKenzie Study on Women in Leadership at Brown-Forman on June 25th. The event was attended by over 60 local business men and women from Brown-Forman, UPS, Yum Brands, Ernst & Young, Humana, GE, US Bank, and Frost Brown Todd. The study was focused around one central question, “Why are great numbers of women entering the work force, but few are moving upward in their positions?”. Sixty companies participated in the study, 54 of which are Fortune 500 companies, and the results were startling.  

Key Findings:

            ·          84% of women in top positions had childrenà women do not have to choose 

                between having a family or a career.

            ·          51% of working women say they are primary caregivers and breadwinners

                versus 37% of men

            ·          Evidence shows that it is when women have small children that the careers of

                men and women diverge and go different directions.

            ·          Men take more risks in their roles.

            ·         Women tend to have an expectation of recognition for their work.

            ·         Women tend to want to advance but not to the very top.

The key take away from the study was that in order for women to truly succeed in the workforce, the overall business model must change. Companies must have top-level accountability for gender diversity goals, create opportunities for women to build experience early in their careers, and focus on consistent talent process execution across the organization. It was a great educational and networking session to build awareness and help our women leaders continue to influence our business strategies for women.


WIL to Attend Dress Rehearsal for Louisville Ballet's Production of "Breaking Ground"

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When: Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Where: Kentucky Center for the Arts

About: A mixed repertory program:

Paquita, choreography by Marius Petipa
Through dance with an exuberant Spanish flare, Petipa’s great divertissement has become one of the most popular classical ballets performed today.Le 

Corsaire, choreography by Marius Petipa
One of the greatest showcases of the classical repertoire, Le Corsaire merges feminine delicacy with masculine virtuosity.

Silent Conversation, choreography by Brandon Ragland (Company member)
Playing on the moments of silence, the fluid choreography of Silent Conversation uses space and body language to explore the dynamics of relationships.

Spring Waters, choreography by Asaf Messerer
Drawing from the athleticism and bravura of Russian ballet, Messerer’s Spring Waters pas de deux rushes across the stage with the joyful exuberance of a new spring.

World Premiere (name TBD), choreography by Adam Hougland
Fresh off last season’s dazzling Unyielding Radiance, Adam Hougland’s newest piece of powerful choreography with designs by Sandra Woodall, one of the ballet world’s foremost and intriguing designers, is created especially for the men of the Louisville Ballet. 

Calendar 2012-2013

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Women Influencing Louisville is working on events for the Calendar 2012-2013.  More to come….

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