2022 Fall Conference Sessions

Sessions and Descriptions 

Keynote Speaker


We are excited to hear from this year’s Keynote speaker, Angie Gosman, as she shares her career and personal journey to the C-Suite at PPL Corporation.  A former board member for WIL, Angie has always been passionate about the promotion and development of women.

Angie is the SVP, CHRO providing oversight and direction for PPL's human resources organization, including PPL Services, PPL Electric Utilities, LG&E and KU Energy and RI Energy. For more information, check out her bio here.

The Joy of Missing Out (JOMO) - How to Re-Prioritize What's Important

Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel? That there isn’t enough time in the day? That you’re always letting someone down? That if you could just get through the next two weeks things would slow down? As a full-time working mom with four kids I could use the word “busy” to describe my whole life. Everyone wanted my time, and I freely gave it to them…but not anymore! This session covers how we got “so busy”, and focuses on tactics to help us get to a better place. A place of less hustle and more intention. I will share some helpful resources and most importantly, some easy-to-implement strategies to help you gain clarity on your priorities and make time for what you love. Let’s rethink those to-do list and take control of the limited amount of time we are gifted!

Presented by: LaCinda Glover

Career Practice Leader for KY, TN, and VA


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Teams That Work: Leading Remote Teams

Join us for an open discussion on leading remote teams with a focus on challenges and barriers, team development, and engagement to ensure remote teams work. Learn how to maintain productivity, engagement, and accountability while working remotely and considering multiple perspectives to create a cohesive and productive environment for all your colleagues.  

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Presented by: Natasha Bowie-Evans

Crew Program Manager


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Mindful Leadership in the Modern World

As the world around us grows more complex every day, it’s increasingly difficult to pay attention to what truly matters – at work and in our personal lives. If you aspire to be a transformative, empathetic leader without sacrificing well-being, cultivating mindfulness is an important step on that journey. In addition to helping better navigate complex situations, mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress, improve focus and performance, increase collaboration, as well as self-awareness and compassion.  

In this session we will: 

  • Demystify mindfulness

  • Discuss the neuroscience and benefits of mindfulness practices

  • Learn exercises for enhancing mental focus, empathy, and resilience

  • Create the initial conditions for improving emotional intelligence and well-being despite complex and demanding work and personal environments

Presented by: Kirstin Conklin

Americas Mindfulness Leader


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A Woman's Journey to Retirement

During the presentation, we’ll start by talking through the unique opportunities and challenges women face on the journey to retirement.  Then, we’ll offer some insights and strategies you may want to consider. 

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Presented by: 
Kim Lyons and
Lisa Britt

Wealth Management Banker

Wealth Management Advisor

U.S. Bancorp Investments

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Panel Discussions

Be the Change Panel Discussion

We all have the power to change things within and outside our organizations.  Join us to learn how three strong women have made an impactful and sustained positive change.  On our panel:  Peg O'Neil from UPS, a champion of UPS mentorship programs and sponsor for ERGs; Corenza Townsend from Norton Healthcare, who launched Unity Jam for social change; and Amy Hurd from US Bank, who led their grass-roots efforts helping women reach their full potential called The Thrive Initiative.

Amy Hurd photo.jpg

Amy Hurd


Executive Consultant

U.S. Bank

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Peg O'Neil


President Air Planning & Industrial Engineering


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Corenza Townsend


Director, Provider Operations

Norton Healthcare

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U.S. Bank’s Thrive Initiative is a grass-roots effort that aims to influence organizational culture so women can reach their full potential and thrive in our organization. Amy will share how this initiative began, how it’s positively impacted the organization and provide insight on how you might be able to create similar change in your organization.

Peg will share insights gained and lessons learned from serving as executive sponsor to one of UPS’s diverse and active business resource groups, the Air Group Pride Alliance.  Peg has helped guide a diverse team of UPS employees through coaching, encouragement and building connections to develop a network of LGBTA and ally employees that create and maintain an environment where all employees feel they can bring their authentic self to work each day. 

In 2017, Norton Healthcare’s African American ERG, Synergy, identified a gap in services and resources in West Louisville. Led by Corenza, Synergy set off to host a community-wide back to school event called Unity Jam. The first Unity Jam featured both community and organizational partners who provided important resources, including backpacks filled with school supplies and services such as health screenings to kids and families in West Louisville. In its 6th year, this popular event continues to help prepare kids and families for a successful school year. 

Stories of Hope and Resilience Panel Discussion

As working women, we all have challenges that seem insurmountable at times. It's inspiring to hear the stories of other professional women who have overcome big challenges. Join us as three amazing women share their courageous stories of overcoming huge personal obstacles and continued to excel. On our panel, Clare Grant, who has been through two challenging adoptions; Kristi Saathoff, a two time breast cancer survivor; and Renee Ford-Taulbee, whose son suffered a spinal cord injury at the age 2.  In this session you’ll learn strategies for resilience and keeping a positive attitude.

Renee Ford Photo.png

Clare Grant


Wellness Consultant


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Kristi Saathoff


Executive Director, Commercial A/C

GE Appliances

Renee Ford-Taulbee


Senior Administrative Assistant


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