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Thank you for attending our event! We hope you had an engaging and informative experience. 

WIL Panel Discussion
Your RESILIENCE is part of your STORY

A panel discussion with behavioral health experts from Humana Military. Hear about the impact COVID has had on mental health and how colleagues and member companies are working to support one another

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Thriving in the Workplace

Sharing her own experiences both as an HR Business Partner and as an individual/parent, Jennifer Guglielmi discussed how EY continuously evolves in consideration of their people’s physical, mental and emotional, daily and social well-being

Moments of Serendipity

Kathy Gosser spoke about taking risks, making sacrifices, leaning on mentors, developing a plan, and transitioning to a new career (which she did after spending 35 years with her company!). In addition, Kathy highlighted how she navigated through change and challenges, what she learned, and some surprises she encountered along the way. 

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