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The Communications Committee is primarily responsible for promoting WIL’s efforts, events, and mission.  The committee actively maintains WIL’s social media accounts, website, and partners with all the committees to publicize events and information.  Some of our goals and focus areas include developing WIL’s communications strategy and plan, establishing and maintaining the WIL brand, and increasing WIL’s social footprint.


The Events Committee is responsible for planning WIL’s events in partnership with our other committees.  The Events Committee leads the effort to schedule virtual and in-person events throughout the year, including managing all event logistics, establishing our annual calendar of 4-6 events, and partnering with Communications on the event invite, registration, and website postings.


Fall Conference

The Fall Conference committee executes our annual Fall Conference.  Typically held in October or November, the conference has traditionally been in-person and was held virtually during the pandemic.  This annual event brings together colleagues across our organizations to learn, share, and network.  Committee responsibilities include recommending topics and speakers, securing door prizes and giveaways, event logistics, and partnering with Communications to promote the conference and manage invitations, registration and website postings.


The Intersectionality Committee is newly formed with the goal to solidify how WIL should focus on intersectionality.  WIL recognizes that diversity is more than gender, race, or sexual orientation. This committee will establish how we should connect and support ALL women through storytelling, small group activities, and events. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema
All Hands In


The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment, management, and overall aspects of obtaining and onboarding new members, as well as sustaining existing members. Committee members will review and vet prospective members to ensure the required criteria is met prior to review for Board approval. The Membership Committee will seek qualified companies to join WIL and champion the new members through the membership process.


The Reconnecting Committee is newly established to focus on topics such as returning to the office, working with a mix of in-person and remote colleagues, navigating your career in this mixed environment, flexible work, and learning how to work and live in a constant state of change. This committee is focused on how to reconnect personally and professionally with one another while seeking the success we desire and  empowering all women to achieve excellence through storytelling, small group activities, and events. 

Office Coffee Break
Image by Brett Jordan


The Resilience Committee is focused on supporting, educating, and sharing our experiences as they relate to mental health, burnout, and the constantly changing world we live in today. This committee will help us embrace these tough topics to build our own resilience while holding companies accountable for ensuring the environment, policies, and support structures are in place for women to be successful. We will bring these topics to life through storytelling, small group activities, and events. 

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