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Keynote Sessions



Gunjan Kedia
Vice Chairman Wealth Management & Investment Services
U.S. Bank



Keynote Panel Discussion
A Conversation with the C-Suite on Combating Systemic Racism


Terrian Barnes

Chief Diversity Officer, Retired

YUM Brands


Russ Cox


Norton Healthcare


James Fripp

Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer

YUM Brands


Victoria Russell

Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Papa John's International


Maya Smallwood

Change, Learning and People Experience Leader


Keynote Panel Discussion Recording



Below you will find information about the breakout sessions from the conference, including links to the recordings and copies of the presentations

Don’t Quarantine Your Health and Well-Being!

The arrival of the COVID virus has disrupted every aspect of our lives. Among them has been preventive care. Nationally, there has been a 40% drop in overall visits for preventative care service, including mammograms, PAP smears, colonoscopies, and immunizations. This session will discuss the holistic view of preventive care – mind, body, and spirit in the time of COVID.

Tech Tips for the New Normal

It seems that technology has been the only thing to stay “normal” over the last 6 months.  In fact, we are even more reliant on technology to organize our days, meet with colleagues, attend school, shop for everything, and stay in touch with family and friends. I will share my favorite tools and some tips and tricks that are getting me through the “new normal”.

Sensible Finances for Insensible Times

A candid discussion on how to approach managing your money and finances, especially during these changing times. We aim to demystify money management and investing by covering how to set objectives, the types of investments you can make, tips for getting started, and resources for further progress. We hope to see you soon to make your finances make more sense!

GREAT-ful Leadership

Inclusive Pathway to Inspiring those you Lead. In this session, each participant will learn the 7 Critical Principles and Skills that drive Grateful leadership to achieving high performance.  Have you ever asked yourself, what makes leaders great or what are the habits and behaviors that successful leaders do that create an environment of inclusion where people WANT to be at work?  This session will explore each of those principles that can become habits of success!

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