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Keynote Sessions



Dr. Neeli Bendapudi
University of Louisville


Keynote Panel Discussion
Continuing a Conversation on Combating Systemic Racism

Greg Cunningham.jpg

Greg Cunningham

Senior Executive VP

Chief Diversity Officer

U.S. Bank

Molly Kurto.jpg

Molly Kurto

Executive Director


GE Appliances

Gladys Lopez.jpg

Gladys Lopez

Senior VP

Chief HR Officer

Norton Healthcare 

Kelly McCulloch.jpg

Kelly McCulloch

Chief People Officer

Taco Bell

YUM! Brands

Carolyn Tandy.jpg

Carolyn Tandy

Senior VP

Chief D&I Officer


Keynote Panel Discussion Recording


Below you will find information about the breakout sessions from the conference, including links to the recordings and copies of the presentations


Making Cents Out of Business Financials

Business financials—love them or loathe them, it’s important to understand them! Join us as we walk through the income statement, otherwise known as the P&L, and discuss how non-finance professionals can leverage the numbers to make better decisions.

The Power of Leading Authentically

As we continue to navigate the uncertainties of the unprecedented change in the workplace and the way we work, people are looking for leaders who lead from a place of authenticity. It is increasingly evident that we need a new kind of business leader in the 21st century; people are looking for those leaders who lead with their hearts as well as their heads. Authentic leaders know who they are and who show up as a full human being. The best leaders don't strive for perfection, they try to be as human as possible (even when that means making mistakes, admitting flaws, and telling the tough truth). Join us as we explore the powerful principles & practices of leading from a place of authenticity.

Resilient Realignment

The prolonged uncertainty of the past 18 months has us longing for stable ground as we attempt to manage the day to day whiplash between joy, hope, and excitement for things to “get back to normal” and grief, anxiety, and exhaustion. And through it all we’re learning that we are not unwilling passengers but active conductors of our own well-being, capable of change in ourselves and within our families and communities. By embracing the here and now, we will explore how to reprioritize what matters most during uncertain times to allow us to live a more authentic and meaningful life.

Risk Taker Panel Discussion

Success often means taking risks, or being inspired by something or someone. We have three panelist that will tell us about their career journey and answer question from the group.

Tracey Johnson.jpg
Captain Alyse Adkins.jpg
Shilpa Kale.jpg
Wanda Williams.jpg

Risk Taker Panel Discussion Recording


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