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We are a 501©(3) non-profit organization that invests in the leadership potential of women and girls. By listening, mentoring, educating, funding, and providing other development opportunities, we are empowering the next generation 

WIL Charities envisions a community of girls and women who are ready to lead.

Donations Encouraged

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Our Focus

By mentoring, leveraging aligned partnerships, and utilizing grants and sponsorships, we enhance and inspire girls and women to further develop their skills and confidences to succeed in the future.



Our mentoring program provides girls with the opportunity to have a connection with successful women leaders. Through these mentoring relationships, girls continue to grow their confidence and personal skills through focused meetings, activities, and a continued emphasis on the importance of academics for future success.



Partnerships with organizations that share common goals and values, allow us to extend our abilities to enhance and build skills for girls/women.  We can leverage the expertise, experience and programming that will allow us to continue to have successful and greater impact in our community.



By offering grants ​and sponsorships submitted by Women Influencing Louisville members, we provide an avenue to request funding for a specific program, event or need that will result in a positive impact to further advance or improve the lives for girls and women.

Success Stories



For several years WIL Charities has participated in a one-on-one mentoring program with The Olmsted Academy South (OAS), an all-girls public middle school.


In 2020 WIL Charities raised $5,826 that provided OAS with 850 water bottles and masks (masks donated by Humana), to enable students to return to school in a safe environment.  

In 2021, WIL Charities focused on "Finding Your Voice" which included special programming for building confidence as well as funding academic curriculum/activities. 

"To say thank you is simply not enough to reflect the gratitude we feel at OAS for WIL Charities making the program possible. Statistics prove that when a student repeats grade levels in middle or high school, she is more likely to drop out of school by age 16. This grant did not just provide funding for a program, it provided an opportunity for girls to rewrite their story and change the trajectory of their lives." - Anita Moore, Youth Services Center Coordinator, Olmsted, Academy South

Click on the video below for more information about OAS and the impact WIL Charities has had on the school.


In April 2023, WIL Charities supported a Saturday program by providing la focused workshop and lunch on Building Your Personal Brand by partnering with Beautiful As You Are (B.A.Y.A.). 

"Through our partnership with Leigh Pittman and Women Influencing Louisville Charities, BAYA "Beautiful As You Are" girls had the incredible opportunity to attend a branding workshop that was nothing short of excellent. The workshop, led by successful corporate women, provided our girls with a wealth of relevant information and taught them the utmost importance of branding themselves. As an organization, we are forever grateful for this beautiful partnership, which has empowered our girls to recognize their own worth and the impact of personal branding." - Tish Frederick, Founder of BAYA

(B.A.Y.A.) is a non-profit organization that aims to empower individuals (with a focus on middle school girls) to recognize and embrace their unique beauty and self-worth. They provide practical tools and exercises to help individuals build self-esteem, develop resilience, and navigate the challenges of life with confidence.

Fourteen girls attended the program that was very interactive where the girls were introduced to understanding their personal brand and how choices could impact their brand. The program ended on a positive note with girls writing their empowerment words on a wall size blackboard at the B.A.Y.A. Center.

Donations Encouraged

Some examples of how your donations have supported our focus areas. We ask for your on-going support to enable our efforts!

  • $25 provides snacks for after school activity for the girls 

  • $35 can send two students to a community specific event (Stage One, Louisville Ballet, Center for the Arts, etc.)

  • $40 can fund a book club for the girls and/or special event (Cinemark: A Wrinkle in Time, etc.)

  • $50 provides books specific to program lesson (supporting core curriculum--Math, Science, English/Writing Skills) 

  • $50 also pays for basic school supplies for the girls (pens, pencils, notebooks, backpacks, etc.)

  • $100 can fund lunch at a workshop for girl's development

  • $150 pays for transportation for all students to a community event

  • $500+ can help support participation in partner workshops for girls

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Please send checks made out to WIL Charities:

974 Breckenridge Lane

Suite 221

Louisville, KY 40207

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