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Companies interested in joining WIL, please contact:

Cindy Reichert, WIL Board President

WIL Members, please contact your organization's representative listed below:

Leigh Pittman
Cindy Reichert 

Ritu Furlan

Colleen Lyons

Madison Milburn


Souhila EL Moussaoui
Cindy Stewart
 Irina Strelkova
Katie Biggs Wright

Gina Case

Cynthia Fanning

Julie Lawrence

Melissa Monsky

Karmen Powell

Kathleen Reed

Claire Simms

Kim Friend

Kim Judy

Jennifer Anderson

Kelley Bright

Christy Weikert

Ebony Bell

Betty Henriquez

Shilpa Kale

Stephanie Lindquist

Tracy Roberts

Sherry Seale

Candice Gentry

Shakaye Peters

Liz Karem

Terrian Barnes (retired)

Alicia Barnett

James Fripp

Rita Tompkins

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